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Long Life Thin Solar Panels & products Designed & Made

We are specialised in customized mini solar panel design and manufacturing since 1989. Whether you are a manufacturer looking for solar panels to solarize your products or a designer with a solar concept, bySol-LIte has a solution for you!

Our proprietary long life thin solar panels for electronic products are ultra weather and UV resistant, and exceeding the international standards.

We design and manufacture electronic power supply system with solar to power your product or charge your battery.

With over 30 years in experience in design & manufacturing, product development, and quality control, we at bySol-Lite are continuously working to better the solar industry with new innovations as well as provide the highest quality, long life solar products and custom solutions for our customers.

Special Proprietary Encapsulation Technology

Reliable, High UV & Weather Resistant
Thin and Light Weight & Easy Installation 

High Power Density

Efficient in both High & Low Irradiation
Aesthetical Customised Design 

Customised Mini Solar Panel Design Service

Over 30 years of experience

Flexible to individual customer needs

Small to large scale production

Extra Benefits and Valuable Features

Long-term savings

Low maintenance

Lower impact on the environment and carbon foot

High UV protection

Extreme environment tolerance 

bySol-Lite Manufacturing Limited


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